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Forth Fat this weekend!
The wait is over

The good folk of the pretty East Lothian town of North Berwick are bracing themselves for a fat tyre invasion this weekend. Our fourth official fat bike gathering, with numbers expected to be in the 60’s, will rumble through town on saturday 27th enroute to the beaches made legendary by our very own legendary Coastkid. Two days of good craic, quality riding, sunken submarines, massive tyres, burnt meat, flatulence and good natured shennanigans await those who head toward the Borders.This years event has been lent an international flavour by our good friends flying in from Surly HQ to see just what monster they unleashed when they gave us the Pugsley.

Its not too late to join in the fun, just tell the wife you are popping out for milk, get the details from the forum, grab your fat bike and hit the road! Just follow the rumble of tyres and you’ll find us there!

The Famous Subs. Photographed by Jason on last nights final recce

Here is a rough outline from our host...(Subject to change)

Saturday we will do a ride of approx 15-18 miles. We will now ride out from start point at approx 9.30am and first ride west on some inland coastal trails - trails that are of a sand/loam base for 5 miles west to the village of Gullane. We will then climb up to the top of Gullane Hill (the only hill of the day) where you will be rewarded with a great view across the Firth of Forth Estuary to Edinburgh and across to Fife.
We will then descend on trails past the famous WW2 Anti tank blocks and out across Aberlady Nature Reserve.
More sandy trails will take us on the high tide line where if your interested there is plenty beachcombing to be had.
We will then ride out across the sand to the WW2 midget submarine wrecks. Always people are in awe when they see the size of these tiny 4 man vessels, and what they did in them...

Once your all happy with a look around them we will then ride east along the coast line and leaving the sands to take to some singletrack above the coast and then across more sand on Gullane Beach. Then we start to follow small coves of different types of pebbles or rocks with options of easy trails above the coves or techy riding to suit all abilitys. The coast here becomes less visited and there is some great riding for all abilitys of rider here...
We will eventully come to the famous Island of Fidra with its lighthouse, Built by the Stevenson family and famous for the inspiration of `Treasure Island` by the famous builders son the author Robert Lewis Stevenson who often stayed here at North Berwick.
Another wide long sandy beach then again for those interested some tricky techy rocky sections alongside the smooth sands. A few more coves and we will arrive back at North Berwick.

A look around the Harbour and a play on the east beach then we will ride to the Fish & Chip shop. We can sit in if not good weather and the bikes can be safely locked up outside in view of the shop door, (bring a lightweight coil lock).
Those that wish can get a couple of pints after eating and sit out side at the bikes at `The Ship` pub next door.
When all fed and watered we can ride back a mile to the campsite for a bit banter, tyre kicking and a beer etc...

As is the usual done thing the Sunday will be a shorter days ride of approx 10 miles with some food after so those travelling from afar can head for home mid to late afternoon.
We will pack up and leave the campSite 10.30am and drive 4 miles east around the coast to our day 2 start point .
From there we will cycle to visit Seacliff Harbour - The worlds smallest commercial harbour, and enjoy views out to the Bass Rock Island and the ruins of Tantallon Castle perched on the cliffs nearby.
Then we will ride East and there will be an option of riding some techy rocks for a mile,
Sunday we will ride together to the dunes at peffersands all in sight of each other but 3 options,

EASY; Above the shore line on farm road and tracks,
MEDIUM;Rideable for all with a couple of bits folk can push over the some rocks if unsure,
HARD; Extreme rocks! Across the Carr Rocks exposed by the low tide, grippy with the barnicles but serious tech in places

We then group at Peffersands and some sand dunes. heres your chance to experiance dune surfing on a fat bike, totally legally too!
Then we will continue along the coast and ride some cracking trails above the coast again which will take us to another view point, then its time for a cracking tight trail we call `The Secret Trail` something that i have tweaked and trimmed away at for a few years now. It winds through WW2 Coastal Defence Anti tank blocks, memorials to dark days when our coastline was threatend with invasion... from here we will then ride woodland trails for approx 4 miles finishing at Whitekirk and the Country Club which on a Sunday does a Carvery


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